Actress Lee Ji Ah, who played opposite Yoon Si Yoon in Me Too, Flower!, discussed the rumors of her being transgender on a recent episode of Healing Camp.

Apparently, the rumors began back when she starred in the K-drama The Legend. Netizens, as usual, tried searching for photos of her from the past and were unable to come up with anything. Because of the lack of personal past photos and the plastic surgery she had received, netizens came to the obvious conclusion that she must have been a man prior to her debut.

Now, in Me Too, Flower!, it's obvious that Lee Ji Ah has had surgery on her nose. That and the fact the makeup artist went for the "white as a ghost" look with no contouring of facial features at all; like not even a spot of blush...not even a spot! But netizens really leaped to the other side of the world with that rumor.

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Lee Ji Ah said the rumors simply sprouted from a lack of photos and the plastic surgery she underwent that didn't turn out how she wanted. She stated, "Truthfully , I wanted a sharp and high nose but because of an inflammation, I had to remove it."

What do you think? Were netizens totally out of line with their assumption about Lee Ji Ah, or for once you can understand their logic? Let's talk about it! Comment below!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE