Lee Jin Wook has strapped himself into another time travel storyline – this time for the big screen. Lee, Im Soo Jung, and Jo Jung Suk have been confirmed to star in the upcoming film Time Renegade and will begin shooting in September of this year.

Time Renegade is about two men who try to change the fate of one woman. Lee plays the man in the present, while Jo is the man in the past. Together they mess with Im Soo Jung's life. Will it be for the better or for the worse? Honestly, that girl is both lucky and cursed that two men want to make her life for the better, but keep messing with her past and present.

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It's a bit of a deja vu for Lee Jin Wook, who starred in a similar drama with Nine: Nine Time Travels. In that one he was the only one changing his life, as well as his girl's and his brother's lives. And mess it up he did. Who knows if Lee's character will do a better job in not changing the past too much?

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