New drama series Goodbye Mr. Black has secured a leading man for Moon Chae Won (Princess's Man). Find out more about what handsome and versatile Lee Jin Wook will do in this intriguing revenge drama.

Goodbye Mr. Black is based on a manga series inspired by the classic French novel The Count of Monte Cristo. The 1980's manga series by Hwang Mi Na is about a young man who is betrayed by his best friend and exiled to Australia. He eventually acquires a new identity and returns to England for his revenge while searching for his long-lost love.

According to initial synopsis about the new adaptation, Lee Jin Wook will play a Navy Seal and a member of the Underwater Demolition Team. He is betrayed by his best friend and seeks justice and revenge. He marries Moon Chae Won in order to invent a new identity for his revenge. Will true romance spring from a fake marriage? Will romance get in the way of revenge? 

The role should be a perfect fit for the handsome and muscled Lee Jin Wook, who can play romantic warm man (The Time I Loved You), relentless time traveler (Nine), or even a spy who represses his feelings (Spy Myung Wol).

I previously pined for Lee Min Ho to be united with Moon Chae Won on screen, but I guess he's busy filming the Bounty Hunters movie with Tiffany Tang and Wallace Chung

What do you think? Do you like Lee Jin Wook as Moon Chae Won's leading man? 

I know I can't wait to say hello to Goodbye Mr. Black.

Watch Lee Jin Wook in The Time That I Loved You,7000 Days:

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