Lee Jong Suk In a recent interview, Lee Jong Suk revealed his love of playing the guitar, and his goal to perhaps cross over into music. He mentioned that as a kid, his father taught him that he should learn to play an instrument, and the instrument he chose was the guitar. He stated, "To properly learn an instrument, you should at least learn for about a year, but every time I start to learn, I always get busy with a project, and I always forget what I’ve learned.” Not the most convincing quote by which to launch a music career, but we'll hold off on any judgment until we hear what he comes up with. He spoke about his inspiration coming from seeing a CNBLUE concert last year and being blown away. He's busy on his upcoming drama, The Face Reader, but promises to turn his focus to the guitar, and eventually to composing original music, as soon as his schedule allows. Do you think Lee Jong Suk could be a K-pop star?