Lee Jong Suk put a flower in his hair just for you. The two leading actors of the newest SBS Korean drama Pinocchio promoted their project on social media today. Park Shin Hye took a friendly selfie of herself and co-star Lee on set. Her male co-worker put a lovely white flower in his hair as the two of them requested viewers watch the second episode of their series.

"In his hair, a beautiful blossomed cosmos in Cheongsang-do. Flower Uncle Dalpo and Squid Niece In Ha... Please watch Pinocchio again tonight! This picture was uploaded with permission from Uncle Dalpo. Bow," Park stated in the caption.

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The premiere episode received 7.8% ratings and ranked number two in the ratings.

Pinocchio is all about the life of young reporters. Park Shin Hye suffers from the Pinocchio complex with her intense hiccups.