It's not an uncommon occurrence for fans to launch charity events or make large-scale donations in commemoration of their favorite idol's birthday, but it's not every day that these idols participate in these generous fan-run projects. However, Lee Jong Suk (PinocchioDoctor Stranger) has recently donated a considerable amount of money to a fan-run charity event in celebration of his birthday, earning him the fitting nickname "Giving Angel". 

On September 14, the popular Korean actor officially turned 28 years old (27 in international years). To celebrate this momentous occasion, loyal fans of Lee Jung Suk launched a special donation project to help childhood cancer patients. The event began with each fan donating 9,140 KR₩ (approximately 8.11 USD) to a fan-made bank account that was open to anyone who wished to participate. 

However, these fans were pleasantly surprised when they discovered that Lee Jong Suk personally looked for and deposited 9,140,000 KR₩ (approximately 8,100 USD) to the donation bank account. 

Lee Jong Suk's considerate gesture and kind heart has not only earned him his new nickname, but also more admiration from his fans, who are continuously sending him love and support. We, along with these fans, want to wish him a happy birthday and a long, prosperous life in the years to come! 

Isn't Lee Jong Suk so generous? How can someone be so perfect? What do you think of this birthday celebration? Let us know in the comments below! 


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