Lee Jong Suk is taking matters into his own hands. The entrepreneurial actor created a management agency called A-man, and contracted with YNK Entertainment to represent him in Korea and abroad.

Sources say Jong Suk’s partnership with YNK was made possible through its CEO, Kim Min Soo, who had managed Won Bin, Han Chae Young, Han Ga In, and Go Soo, before running his own management company.

“Lee Jong Suk is already a top actor, but his potential is limitless. I hope to create a new vision with him, who always strives to be a better version of himself,” Kim said, according to Sports Donga.

YNK is a relatively new, small agency. Established in 2016, the agency got Im Soo Jung on board, followed by new faces Shin Hye Sun and Lee Joo Young, and veteran actress Kim Hyun Joo.

Jong Suk’s decision to go small might be unusual though not unprecedented. In January, Gu Hye Sun joined a new, smaller agency after parting ways with YG Entertainment, which she’d called home for almost a decade.

Now that Jong Suk has found a home, let's hope he'll return to the small screen soon.

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