Lee Jong Suk recently gave towels and body mist to the entire staff of I Hear Your Voice. Since the weather in Seoul has been a nightmare lately with rain, humidity, and heat making it gross and uncomfortable for everyone, it's a really nice gesture. Usually everyone brings in food carts for the staff, but Lee Jong Suk realized food was not the answer this time.


If you've never tried body or face mist you really should get some. I don't go anywhere without face mist, even though evil K-drama characters are usually the ones spritzing themselves with it while saying something catty to the lead at the same time. The Face Shop sells really good face mist made with water from Jeju island. I don't know why, but the moment I read Lee Jong Suk gifted the staff "cool towels" I immediately thought "Hmm, what about a chillow? You could have given them chillows, I'd really like a chillow myself."


Either way Lee Jong Suk's gifts were perfect and thoughtful, and further proves that yes, he really is my ideal type (-_-). KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (source via mwave.interest.me)