Which one is the real Korean actor Lee Jong Suk? The Pinocchio star unveiled his new wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong on January 22. See more photos and video, and read about what he had to go through to make the wax figure.

Lee Jong Suk has risen so fast in fame that his wax figure is now joining the exclusive K-wave Zone at the famous wax museum, alongside other Hallyu stars like Bae Yoon JunKim Soo Hyun, and Choi Si Won

At the unveiling of his wax figure on January 22, Lee Jong Suk impressed everyone with his friendly smiles and demeanor. He shared fun tidbits of what he went through in the measuring process, which took lace in London. He said he decided to stand on one foot to look cute for his pose, not realizing it would take him 7 hours. He was also impressed by how thorough and detail-oriented the team of professionals were who measured him. Over 200 photos were taken of him for making the wax figure.

Lee Jong Suk excitedly said that the unveiling was also his first time seeing the finished figure. He saw photos before arriving in Hong Kong and thought the figure looked very much like him, but seeing the fantastic figure in person was really an incredible and unforgettable moment.

In case you haven't guessed, the real Lee Jong Suk was wearing a dark suit in muted colors because he didn't want to overshadow his clone, the one in the flashy pink outfit.

Would you be interested in visiting Hong Kong to see Lee Jong Suk's wax figure?

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