Have you missed Lee Jong Suk? I've been missing him and am looking forward to seeing his next drama since I Hear Your Voice, which finished last summer. His new drama Doctor Stranger is nearing its premiere. It will be on the 5th of May in Korea. Here is Lee Jong Suk's short interview given at the drama poster photo shoot. He talked about his character Park Hoon, the drama's story line, and what made it difficult to take the role. Watch the video to see the face you've been missing so much!

Hi, I am Lee Jong Suk who plays Park Hoon in SBS Mon/Tues drama Dr. Stranger.

Q. Tell us about the character, Park Hoon.

I play a genius doctor who was taken to North Korea because of a conspiracy but then comes back to South Korea.

Q. How do you feel about starring in Dr. Stranger?

Honestly, it is pretty hard to play the character. The character changes three times in the first and second episode already, so it was hard to act. The drama’s director helps me a lot to play the character, so now I am shooting the drama diligently. It is hard to act because of the character's occupation, above all. Medical terms are too hard to memorize and pronounce, and there are some difficulties with words and the language because I have to speak in the North Korean dialect and in Seoul cadence.

Q. What do you want to say to viewers?

We are very near the premiere now. I am shooting the drama hard so please love the drama. I will do my best to show good acting skills.

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