With filming for the new drama While You Were Sleeping is underway, two announcements have been made, raising anticipation for the upcoming legal and fantasy series starring Lee Jong Suk and Suzy!

After completing his fan meeting tour on February 25 in Thailand, Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger) is preparing to meet everyone on the small screen. He will start shooting his scenes for the SBS drama on March 2, according to SBS representatives. No formal word yet on when or if his co-star Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond) has started filming her scenes, but with this production being 100 percent pre-produced, they have time.

Along with the start date of Lee’s filming being given, talented young actress Kim So Hyun has been announced as the latest addition to the drama -- albeit as a guest. Her character details haven’t been revealed yet, but it is a wonder whether if this special appearance will carry the same impact as her short but important role in Goblin. Either way, it will be a treat to see her as she consistently delivers in her parts regardless of duration.

While You Were Sleeping follows the story of an unemployed journalist, Hong Ju (Suzy), who foresees people’s unfortunate events in her sleep. Hoping to prevent the nightmares from becoming a reality, prosecutor Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) works with her to stop the ill-fated events from occurring. If it sounds a bit similar to I Hear Your Voice -- legal tie-in with some supernatural help -- you may be surprised to know that this script was created by the same writer, Park Hye Ryun.

Park likes to stick with tried-and-true story formulas and actors. Previously, the scriptwriter has worked with Lee in the aforementioned I Hear Your Voice (2013) and Pinocchio (2014). Both titles were also lead by the actor. Suzy made her acting debut in Park’s hit teen drama, Dream High (2011). Kim So Hyun worked with the successful writer on the short series Page Turner (2016).

The drama is expected to air in the latter half of this year.

Are you excited to see the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Suzy? What do you think Kim So Hyun’s role may turn out to be like? Share with us in the comments!

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Cover photo: Sidius HQ/ SBS/ Cosmopolitan


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