BEAST/B2ST member Dongwoon recently told a tale of Lee Jong Suk getting more attention from fans than him. The story goes like this: He and Lee Jong Suk went to a café together for coffee. The two of them go to the same school so getting coffee is one of their bromance things. Anyway, on this specific day Dongwoon went all out wearing nice clothes and BB cream expecting all the fangirls to get crazy. Sitting in the café Dongwoon said he spotted a few fans and was actually warming up his wrists for autographs. They came over and he of course signed them but when he looked up there was a line of girls waiting for Lee Jong Suk’s autograph! Mind you this happened before Lee Jong Suk started filming I Hear Your Voice! Poor Dongwoon’s line wasn’t as long as Lee Jong Suks; how sad and hilarious at the same time because Dongwoon is totally loved right B2UTYS?! Now even though Dongwoon is my 2nd bias in BEAST, I would have been on Lee Jong Suk's line too because of my healthy obsession with him (o_0). KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE  (source via