Tall and slender Lee Jong Suk was recently asked if he "lost anything by filming Pinocchio?" His answer was quite a surprise because he said he lost his "good figure." If he did, no one noticed. So what happened?

According to a news report, Lee Jong Suk said he was too busy to sleep while filming Pinocchio. It was only during meal time that he could catch some free time to sleep, so he would eat too quickly. He also didn't have time to exercise, and he ended up gaining weight.

He said his tummy even protruded and broke 3 buttons on his pants. He actually noticed a double chin on his face when he checked the film. So he said he really got into a bad shape.

When he starred in Doctor Stranger, he only ate yams and chicken breast to control his weight. So at the time of the interview, he said he would need to resume a fitness routine.

Judging from his new photos for MVIO, his fitness routine must have worked. 

Anyway, I don't recall seeing Lee Jong Suk with any double chin on Pinocchio, do you? 

~ NancyZdramaland