MBLAQ member and Iris 2 cast member Lee Joon recently admitted that he takes his shirt off for the attention it gets him. During an interview Lee Joon was explaining how he felt the double standards for female and male celebrities were unfair. He expressed how he doesn’t think it’s right for men to be praised for taking their shirts off and women to be criticized for wearing revealing outfits. Clara -- who was also a guest -- chimed in and said she agreed and people often comment saying the female celebrity “is just trying to get attention.” This whole conversation reminds me of that episode of Barefoot Friends when the group was sitting around eating with Lee Hyori and telling each other what they hated to hear most. Uee commented saying she didn’t like hearing when others would tell her she was “being too much,” or “trying to hard” during a performance. She said it made her feel bad because she was only trying to do her best as an entertainer. I agree the double standard is wrong and I’m happy Lee Joon admitted he takes his shirt off for attention. I’m so happy about it that I feel we should give him some more attention!

"Oh yeahhh, Oh yeahhh, Oh yeah, yeah, yeahhh!"







KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE  (source via jpopasia.com)