Another secret is out, and this time its Lee Joon Ki and Jun Hye Bin, who have been linked together in rumors for quite some time. And now, with an official statement released by their management company, the two can proudly call themselves Korea's newest celebrity couple. 

In the case of Lee Joon Ki and Jun Hye Bin, their agency, Namoo Actors, was forced to respond to reports that were already made public regarding two of their stars being romantically involved with each other. "It is true that Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin are very close but we cannot comment on their relationship beyond that. Since we just learned of the new rumors regarding the relationship we will confirm with the two before making a statement regarding their relationship." Obviously hard to believe that management didn't know anything, and that they would have to confirm anything, but of course, that's how stars and their images are handled and protected by their agencies.

So after some huddling around, Namoo Actors followed up their above statement with this: "Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin met as co-stars in a 2014 drama and became good friends. Even with the relationship rumors back then, they were simply close friends. In the latter half of 2016, their relationship progressed to a more significant one. Both of them became closer with one another as time progressed and were both careful with their relationship. Because they’re such good friends, they want to tread carefully with their relationship. Please look at the two actors fondly and please support them as well. Thank you."

So there you have it. Lee Joon Ki and Jun Hye Bin are in love, and that's how an agency introduces a couple to the public.



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