It is not easy being a prince...and a recent interview with actor Lee Joon Ki, of the hit drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeoproves it! Thus far, Lee Joon Ki has riveted fans with his beguiling performance wrapped in anger, pain, and loneliness...all hidden behind his signature mask. Hiding the trauma of his childhood, and whatever turmoils that have been created from it, the fourth prince's character has become synonymous with the mask meant to hide it all! However, this symbol of the prince's pain is causing...trouble...for the actor portraying the brooding prince. Why is Lee Joon Ki worried about donning the mask? Read on to find out!

Recently, actor Lee Joon Ki revealed that he can't help but worry about his well being on the set of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo! The culprit? The mask of the fourth prince. 

Lee Joon Ki went onto confess that:

 “Wearing a mask while acting signifies the character’s drama within, so I was very interested and liked it. But when acting, it’s not easy to control my depth perception and there were times when I got dizzy. So I was deeply worried about what to do. Because that aspect intensifies during action scenes, I thought it was important to adjust as soon as possible,” he explained.

 “More than anything, the key point was figuring out how to adjust and communicate Wang So’s emotions to the viewers using my eyes. If I put too much intensity behind my eyes, it could cover Wang So’s story or his pain, and so I put effort in finding the boundaries.”

Still, even with all the troubles and challenges of putting on So's mask, Lee Joon Ki continues to do his best in portraying the fourth prince! So much so that Lee has been praised by many for his dedication and effort in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and the amazing job his has done so far bringing Wang So to life. 

As we continue to fall in love with Lee Joon Ki and his portrayal of the mysterious and intriguing prince, let us hope that Joon Ki will be able to finish filming safely and that he adjusts to the mask soon!

What do you think of Lee Joon Ki in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo? Does the mask help or hinder his character? 


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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