Lee Joon Ki and IU's characters will finally have some much needed alone time!

SBS recently released Scarlet Heart: Ryeo stills of Prince Wang So (Lee) and Hae Soo (IU) embracing each other, and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes while lying in bed. Hae Soo's brief relationship with Prince Wang Wook seems to be the furthest thing from her mind as she thoroughly enjoys the 4th Prince's company. 

Following Prince Wang Yo's dishonorable rise to the throne, everyone is in danger. He is on a rampage to kill his younger brother, and he wants Wang So to carry out his plan. In the upcoming episodes, Wang So faces danger once again, and Hae Soo leaves the palace to be by his side. They find solace in each other's company despite the tumultuous situation around them. 

Episode 16 of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo won't air until tomorrow because of an extended baseball game. Nonetheless, we have so much to look forward to in the coming episodes. Are you happy that Hae Soo is finally accepting Wang So into her heart? 

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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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