South Korean adaptations of American television series became a bit of a thing in 2016, though with varying results. The Good Wife did well and Entourage - well, not so much. While two U.S. remakes did air last year, there was also news of a third production in the works: a K-drama version of the CBS police crime series Criminal Minds. Reportedly, two stars have been confirmed to have received offers to lead in the show: Lee Joon Ki and Kim Ah Joong.

On January 11, both actor’s agencies confirmed their respective talents were considering the project. If Lee Joon Ki accepts the role, it would mark his return to the modern world after a slew of three consecutive historical dramas: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (2016), The Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015), and The Joseon Gunman (2014). His last modern day era show was Two Weeks in 2013. As for Kim Ah Joong, Criminal Minds would be her follow-up to the 2016 action drama Wanted. The actress has starred in other crime and thriller titles such as Sign (2011) and Punch (2014).

News of the remake was first announced in June 2016. It was reported that two companies, Next Entertainment World (NEW) and Taewon Entertainment, were coming together to co-produce the Korean version of the hit U.S. show. They not only acquired the license to the series from ABC Studios and Disney Media Productions, but are also working with them to make sure the essence of the show is respectfully retained. The caveat with remakes is that originals are well-loved so adaptations are easily subject to criticism. Criminal Minds has a successful past and present, having aired since 2005 and currently in its twelfth season.

The collaborative effort aims to help change and grow the success of dramas in the Korean entertainment industry by making the Korean version of Criminal Minds multiple seasons, similar to America. We’ll find out whether or not their goal becomes reality when the drama is reportedly set to air in the fall with filming scheduled in the spring.

Do you think Lee Joon Ki and Kim Ah Joong should join the remake?

Image credits: KyungHyang & Sports Korea