When your favorite celebrity reveals that they are in a relationship, shouldn’t it be a happy occasion? Yes, some fans may lament their bias is no longer available, but at the heart of it, we should be happy for them as they’ve found love! So is it truly necessary to write an apology letter for…dating? Apparently, yes, for actor Lee Joon Ki. On April 10, the actor expressed his sincere apologies to his fans via a letter posted onto his fan café entitled: "To my dear family".

In the letter, he tells his fans, who are addressed in the letter as family, that he is sincerely sorry to share his heart belatedly. Reactions to the reveal of his relationship with Jun Hye Bin, a love that blossomed in the first half of 2016, weighed heavy on his mind, causing him to feel surprised and confused. Though he notes it is an uncomfortable conversation to be had, he wanted to communicate directly to his fans and give them his true thoughts and feelings.

In the second paragraph, he opens up about how his feelings developed for his The Joseon Gunman co-star. Lee Joon Ki wrote: "I had felt a different emotion after meeting with her on the drama set and I needed some time to straighten out my thoughts. That friend was someone who understood and comforted me a lot who happened to be a bright and warm person.”

“I was worried about how to share the story because we were meeting carefully,” he wrote. “Though I wanted to wait for the right moment to tell my family (by which he means his fans) it didn't quite turn out that way.” It was never his intention in his mind nor heart for his fans to find out in this manner.

The Scarlet Heart: Ryeo star went onto address the controversy surrounding his involvement in tvN's My Ear's Candy 2. After his relationship with Jun Hye Bin was revealed, the romantic undertones he provided on the show towards actress Park Min Young came under fire as many perceived the two could have become a real couple. He wrote: "I also feel a tremendous amount of responsibility in terms of my appearance on the variety program. I would like to sincerely apologize to all the fans and viewers who showed much love and support."

The actor said that he "will return in the future by taking more honest and careful steps." He will do his best to show his continuous gratitude to everyone's love and support by providing great works in the future as well.

In closing, he wrote:

“My Family…!

I hope you do not get upset because of me.

I hope everyone has a good dream and day after day filled with happiness.

Thank you and thank you.”

What do you think about the culture of celebrities in Asia keeping their relationship private, not simply for the sake of privacy, but due to the fact that it can cause them to lose fans, thus negatively impacting their entertainment career? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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