Actor Lee Joon Ki celebrated his birthday with more than a thousand fans at Seoul Yonsei University.

There were several events that went on during the celebration to cater the fans at the celebration. The events included Lee Joon Ki singing Lost Frame and One Word, Lee Joon Ki feeding kimchi to six lucky fans and a game time to liven up the mood. During the event, he said, "It's been a while, hello. I thought I would meet you guys through a project but instead I am seeing you guys through a fan meeting. I'm very happy that I'm getting to meet my fans so close."

Interestingly, TV personality Robert Holley was introduced as a special guest and a friend. The two have known each other for seventeen years! The festivity lasted almost 100 minutes long and Lee Joon Ki's agency revealed that the actor had worked really hard for his fans and really enjoyed his time on stage as it has been a while since he had the chance to interact with his fans. leejoonki   What do you think about Lee Joon Ki's birthday celebration style with his fans?   (Source: www.mydail.co.kr)