Lee Joon Ki is showing some love to all his fans! 

The Scarlet Heart: Ryeo actor decided that his fans deserve much more than just an Asia fan meeting tour; they need his signature digital single album too! Tomorrow, Lee is releasing his single album Thank You , featuring two original songs and a Christmas classic.

So, when he kicks off his tour this weekend, his fandom all over the world can listen to his sweet vocals croon the songs "Thank You", "Now", "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". "Thank You" is obviously dedicated to his fandom, while "Now" expresses his desire to continue his great relationship with his global supporters. 

If you have been rooting for him this past year (or his entire career), this special album was made for you! It seems many celebrities are doing their best to repay their fans' loyalty. It's been over a year since Miss A had a comeback, and Suzy is making certain her fan squad is taken care of. The Uncontrollably Fond actress plans to release new music this winter! As the 2016 MAMAs just teased, her first solo project should be coming our way next month!

Are you excited to hear new music from your favorite actors? Which actor do you want to release a special solo project next?

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