Filming for Scholar Who Walks the Night, MBC's upcoming historical vampire drama, is underway, and star Lee Joon Ki has been giving fans a sneak peek at the series via his personal Instagram account. Take a look!

The photos started with the first day of filming three weeks ago:

Joon Ki with his handsome costars, including Changmin and Lee Soo Hyuk. Omo! So much hotness in one photo:

I love this sketch-like image. It's a fun callback to the webtoon origins of the series:

On set:

...But it's not all serious all the time!

You can also see some videos of Joon Ki practicing his action moves on his Instagram page HERE.

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Scholar Who Walks the Night is currently scheduled for a July premiere on MBC. What did you think of the photos? Are you excited to see this series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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