Korean actor Lee Joon Ki created some buzz when his upcoming Hollywood debut was announced in the conclusion of the action/horror series Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Fans of the franchise (and now fans of Lee Joon Ki) are all anxiously waiting to see how the 6-film series, that began back in 2002, will finally conclude with its January 27th U.S. release. However, it has come to light that Lee almost didn't appear in the film, having rejected the part when it was first offered to him. Why did Lee Joon Ki initially turn down Hollywood and, perhaps more importantly, what changed his mind?

In a press conference held for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter on January 13th, Lee Joon Ki candidly revealed how the path to his Hollywood debut all began and why he at first rejected the offer.

"First, I was very surprised by the offer. It's the last chapter of a very important series, so I worried a lot about whether I could be a help or not. I remember politely rejecting the offer at first to the director." 

However, Lee Joon Ki went onto explain that he changed his mind when:

"The director re-checked the action scenes and more, then mailed them back to me with an offer. I was honored that he did that much for me. I made the final decision with a grateful mind in hopes to become a help to the series even with a small role."

Also during the press conference Resident Evil's director Paul W.S. Anderson shared why he wanted to cast Lee Joon Ki, saying,

"It's not easy to meet a great male actor, and when I met Lee Joon Ki, I thought, 'Ah, finally. I've found a male actor who can be Milla's opponent.' The two had great chemistry on set, so I only had to set up the cameras and the filming was completed fabulously."

Anderson went onto say, 

"The two actors have met at the last part of the series, but they'll be cast together in my films again."

We definitely want to see more of Lee Joon Ki in Hollywood!

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is set to release January 27th this year where Lee Joon Ki will be playing the role of Commander Lee of the Umbrella Corporation. 

Did you watch any of the past Resident Evil films? Would you go see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter just to see Lee Joon Ki? Let us know your thoughts below!


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