Lee Joon Ki works too hard for the money! While the Two Weeks actor rehearsed for an upcoming concert in China, he sprained his ankle. The concert he was rehearsing for was his winter 2014 "Together" tour. The minor injury required medical assistance and an official explanation to the media.  

"Although he injured his ankle, he will perform at the Saturday concert," a rep from his agency as Namoo Actors said.

The star apologized directly to his fans via Twitter the day of the accident. He shared the following wheelchair bound photo and message. 

"Sorry for worrying you. It's so unprofessional to get hurt [while rehearsing]. I received treatment, and I'ill keep working hard for the concert. Merry Christmas and love you all".

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He wrapped the Japanese leg of his "Together" tour on December 3. He performs in Beijing, China on December 27. 

Get well soon, Lee Joon Ki! 

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