Lee Joon's upcoming OCN series Vampire Detective recently released several sets of posters and stills. Take a first look at Lee Joon's titular vampire as well as fellow cast members Lee Se YoungOh Jung Se, and Lee Chung Ah in character below!

Vampire Detective (not to be confused with Vampire Prosecutor, though they do come from the same production team) follows Yoon San (Lee Joon), a prickly detective who decides to become a private investigator after a painful accident during his police days. When he suddenly becomes a vampire, he decides to investigate the mystery of his own past.

Lee Se Young plays Han Gyeol Wool, a smooth con woman who joins the team after losing her beloved brother in a tragic accident.

Lee Chung Ah plays a mysterious woman who becomes involved in Yoon San's life.

Oh Jung Se plays Yong Goo Hyung, a fellow detective and loyal friend who helps Yoon San cover his secret and investigate crimes.

Based on the posters and photos, it looks like Lee Joon, Lee Se Young, and Oh Jung Se are the main trio in this series, but Woo Ri will also play a part as a love interest for Yoon San.

What do you think about the posters and stills? Are you looking forward to Vampire Detective? The series is set to premiere on March 27 on OCN.