Lee Joon, who left K-pop group MBLAQ to pursue his acting career in 2014, has already proven his incredible abilities in dramas like Heard It Through the Grapevine and Mr. Baek, but he is not satisfied with stopping there! At the recent press conference for his upcoming drama Vampire Prosecutor, the determined actor shared that he took this new role in order to challenge himself. 

"After reading the script, I immediately thought it would be challenging. I wanted to challenge myself a bit actually," he stated at Time Square in southern Seoul. "All my previous work has been about normal people. This time I wanted to try thriller."

Lee Joon plays a detective who loses everything in his life, including his beloved girlfriend, during an undercover operation, and then later suddenly turns into a vampire. 

He luckily finds a friend in Yong Gu (Oh Jung Se), a private investigator who helps him get back on his feet. Oh Jung Se said of his character, "Yong Gu is a complicated and interesting character who is interested in fashion, love and cooking, but investigates for a living It's been nice working with Lee. Sometimes I overact and annoy the staff members. I've also gotten yelled at by the producer because I laugh too much. But it just goes to show how comfortable I am working with Lee."

Lee Se Young rounds out the detective team, adding a solid dose of girl power! 

Lee Chung Ah plays their first client, a mysterious woman who asks them to protect her boyfriend from a strange woman.

Doesn't the cast look great together?


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Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon and Lee Se Young

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