Apparently, after the K-Drama Two Weeks wrapped, its leading man Lee Jun Ki began suffering a bit of depression. He spoke about it in an interview explaining how heavily immersed into characters he becomes while filming. We’ve heard this from other actors as well who say it’s not always easy to jump right into characters, especially when the character is darker, or the over all feel of the film or drama has a darker tone.

Lee Jun Ki explained that in order to really portray the emotions of Jang Tae San he would have to prepare mentally and get into character before shooting his scenes, and this would leave him emotionally drained afterwards. When Two Weeks wrapped, instead of Lee Jun Ki carrying on with other scheduled activities, he opted to take time for himself which only caused him to sink into depression. He felt lonely and sad, and now says he should have just continued on with his scheduled activities.

His agency however responded to Lee Jun Ki’s comments after the interview clarifying Lee Jun Ki is doing just fine and his depression stems only from having been extremely immersed into the Jang Tae San character.

I totally believe and understand that, and it’s actually quite common for actors to go through something like this. Hopefully Lee Jun Ki keeps busy after his next role so he can emotionally recover sooner!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE