by KrisE: Seriously this is not a reflection on the crazy thoughts i happen to share with you! This is serious!! Ok so as you know if you follow Drama Fever on Twitter, “Arang and the Magistrate” is coming! This isn't an article about the drama which is probably going to be awesome since it's a Historical fusion drama about a ghost and what not; it's about the lead actor Lee Jun Ki (oppa!!! <3 ).

It's important for you all to know who he is if you don't, because he's not only an amazing actor, he's also a singer, a model, and he is considered to be the first original “Flower Boy.” How frekkin pretty is he?!

His popularity exploded when he starred in the period movie,“The King and Clown” back in 2005. This movie not only became the most popular in Korean history, but it also showed the beauty that is Lee Jun Ki. With delicate features and beautiful eyes he completely embodied the role of a feminine-looking court clown during the Joseon era who becomes the "favorite" of the King.

In 2008 he starred in the historical drama, Iljimae which you can watch right here on DramaFever! Ok I’m gonna be the totally amazing person I am and toss in my review because I watched this one. ILJIMAE IS AWESOME! I was totally hooked! It was funny, it was sad, it was filled with action, and Jun Ki oppa looked amazing! Its about revenge and being the peoples hero at night and normal villager by day soo basically if you liked City Hunter and are currently enjoying Bridal Mask (Joo Won scream: Gaksitallll!!!!) you will reallllly love Iljimae! This drama did really well in ratings and pushed Lee Jun Ki even further up the popularity ladder. “Arang and the Magistrate” is the first drama Lee Jun Ki will be starring in since his military discharge back in February of this year so GET EXCITED!!

By the way, who saw Iljimae??? KrisE @k_kisses_krise