Lee Jung Jae literally felt like he was in middle school all over again! The Air City actor recently took the role of a character that transitions from a man in his 20s to 60s during the course of one film. In order to portray Yeom Suk Jin in the highly anticipated blockbuster action movie Assassination properly, he had to lose 33 pounds!

"My last production was the film Big Match, and there is a big difference between that role and my character Yeom Suk Jin in Assassination," he told Star News in an interview today. "I was 172 pounds, and I lost weight till I was 139 pounds. It's the same weight I was in middle school."

Besides the fact that it was difficult to portray a character that was much younger and older than his actual age of 42, Lee explained he lost the weight to closely reassemble a 60-year-old man. 

Assassination, which hits theaters in South Korea on July 22, centers around a murder plot to remove a pro-Japanese group in the 1930s. My Love From Another Star actress Jeon Ji Hyun   and H.I.T. actor Ha Jung Woo also star in the historical action film. 

Lee has always been on the slim side. It will be surprising to see him even skinnier. He is definitely dedicated to his craft. If you were an actor, would you be willing to lose or gain weight to make a particular role come to life? 

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