Lee Jung Jae has found his lady love. 

The Air City actor finally confirmed his relationship with affluent business lady Lim Sae Ryeong recently. The pair has denied the dating rumors surrounding them in the past. After the paparazzi took photos of them on a date, however, Lee's agency fessed up.

"It hasn't been long since Lee Jung Jae and Lim Sae Ryeong have started seeing each other," a representative from C-JeS Entertainment said.

"They are taking things slow after being just friends after a long time. It is a bit burdensome to confirm that they are a couple. Although they have been surrounded by rumors since 2010, we want to clarify that they were friends who supported each other through tough times. They recently became more than friends."

They have no immediate plans for marriage.

The handsome gentlemen also dated Love and Marriage actress Kim Min Hee for three years. They broke up in 2006. 

Are you upset that one of South Korea's distinguished heartthrobs is now off the market?

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