Lee Jung Jae is in love!

The Thieves star can't help but be smitten by his longtime girlfriend Im Se Ryung. According to media reports, the 45 year-old actor and Daesang Group executive director were spotted dining in a restaurant in Chungdam-dong (located in Seoul's Gangnam district) over the weekend. South Korea's power couple were also seen enjoying a movie last August.

Rumors began swirling around the couple in 2010, but the close friends didn't start dating until the end of 2014. In light of their recent date night news, the media is revisiting Lee Jung Jae's 2014 interview with the TV program Celebrity News to re-examine his views on marriage. He openly admitted he was having so much fun working, marriage held no interest for him. His views may have changed over the years as his relationship with Im Se Ryung deepened.

Nonetheless, he has always been adamant about protecting his girlfriend's privacy. "She's a well-known person, but she's still an ordinary woman. She's also the mother of her children so I don't want her private life exposed because of me," Lee said following his agency's (C-JeS Entertainment) confirmation of his relationship with the lovely businesswoman.

Do you think they will wed in the near future?

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