Actor and comedian Lee Kwang Soo is currently acting in the K-Drama, It's Okay, That's Love as Park Soo Kwang a young man who suffers from Tourette's syndrome. Because of the syndromes characteristics involving, repetitions of movements and sounds as portrayed by Kwang Soo's character during moments of high stress; there were concerns that the condition itself would come across "comical" instead of serious. It was for this reason Lee Kwang Soo went the extra mile and researched Tourette's.

Kwang Soo has made sure to not only study and research Tourette's syndrome, but he even takes time out to speak with the "director, writer, and fellow actors while filming" for feedback and direction. For those of you watching the drama, you already know when character Park Soo Kwang has an episode, it's usually in the midst of chaos like living room fights, or in outdoor drinking areas. Unfortunately these scenes are comical and therefore Park Soo Kwang trying to fight while suffering from an episode becomes comical also; not because it is comical, but because it's like one more situation being added to an already chaotic one.

However, you will see in episode 5 that Lee Kwang Soo has really worked hard on making his character and his condition believable. It is in this episode you will see the more serious side of Park Soo Kwang and Tourette's syndrome. Lee Kwang Soo was quoted saying..."I hope that the story will become one of hope for the parents of students or people with Tourette's syndrome."

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE