hongsukchun2 Comedian Lee Kyung Kyu revealed what's behind his opposition to Hong Suk Chun, Korea's first celebrity to come out publicly, making a guest appearance on Healing Camp. Lee Chang Tae, SBS's entertainment director, commented in a recent interview with reporters about the newest episode of Healing Camp, "The story line was really good as well but I realized Lee Kyun Kyu's greatness as an MC." However, Lee Kyung Kyu was strongly against Hong Suk Chun in the beginning, which he mentioned during the broadcast. Lee Kyung Kyu, as a person who is against gay marriage, was worried that he might subconsciously respond to Hong Suk Chun with hostility or carry it into the show, only touching upon the surface of his struggles. Lee Chang Tae commented, "The broadcast only showed that Lee Kyung Kyu was opposed to the idea of Hong Suk Chun as a guest but in reality, the opposition was very severe. Because there are a sense of values that are hard to understand...so we tried to convince him by saying that Healing Camp should be a program where we can talk about these topics as well. That's what makes it real. And when we told him that, Lee Kyung Kyu read books before the shooting to understand Hong Suk Chun better and utilized what he learned during the shooting, leading the filming very smoothly." It's good that these two celebrities were able to come together despite their deep-seeded differences. Did you catch this episode? What do you think of Lee Chang Tae's comments? (Source: http://www.tvdaily.co.kr)