If you think the crowd around Lee Min Ho is too big whenever he arrives at an airport, it's about to get even bigger. Lee Min Ho has just made a surprise revelation about his last love affair. Guess where he thinks he'll meet his fated love. 

The surprising revelation came at the recent press preview for Gangnam 1970 (Gangnam Blues) in South Korea. Lee Min Ho admitted that his last love affair ended over a year ago, and he is now dreaming of meeting his fated love. Whenever he is rushing through a hectic schedule, he would "often wonder whether he will run into his destined love in a plane or at the airport." If he does (run into this person), he is ready to confess right away.

His schedule is so tight that he only took three days off after completing the drama series Heirs last year, and he stayed home during those precious few days. Lee Min Ho also said he hasn't done any activities outside his home ever since three years ago, alluding to when he and City Hunter co-star Park Min Young were caught by the paparazzi and eventually ended their budding romance.

Watch Kim Rae Won of Gangnam Blues in his current drama, Punch:

How does he spend time at home then? He would watching movie videos on demand or play computer games. He joked that he's so used to such a mundane lifestyle that he probably vented his pent-up emotions by expressing them intensely through Gangnam 1970.

Aww....Despite his status as a perfect man, often referred to as Asia's Male God, Lee Min Ho sounds just like an everyday guy thirsting for love. This new revelation is going to make his adoring fans want to hug him even more. 

As for the secret love affair that ended over a year ago? Does anyone have a good guess?

What I think will definitely happen is that more fans will want to meet him during his flight or at the airport because you just never know if Lee Min Ho will look into your eyes and find himself fated to love you at first sight.

~ NancyZdramaland

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