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Lee Min Ho recently said his friends were shocked when they saw him after he filmed Gangnam Blues for a few months. They asked why he had aged so much. What was the problem that even caused filming to stop for him?

We all know that Lee Min Ho wanted to bring his character to life when he portrayed a tough guy who grew up poor and became a gangster in the gritty movie Gangnam Blues (Gangnam 1970 in Korea.) For the 27-year-old actor who is adored for his handsome looks, the first thing to make himself look more tough appears to be toughening his facial skin. So he quit using facial lotion for 7 months. As he admitted during an interview on January 18 on MBC's Section TV"program, "After finishing filming the movie, I found my skin ruined."

Apparently it wasn't just the facial skin that was affected. 

During the press conference for Gangnam Blues in December 2014, Lee Min Ho also admitted that he aged so much that even his friends were shocked. He said, "While I was filming Gangnam 1970, I met with friends after six months, and they all asked why I aged so much. I′m currently in the recovery period. I′m working hard to get younger again." Some of the problems he attributed to puffiness from late night eating and deficiency in his liver's function. 

Lee Min Ho recounted a time when shooting had to stop due to his puffiness, and the culprit was simply that he ate some spicy noodles the night before. To reduce puffiness, he would play badminton in the morning. Director Yoo Ha added jokingly that he forced Lee Min Ho to play badminton to improve his handsome looks.

No wonder we saw these photos that made him look puffy:

Wow! His make-up artist must be the cream of the crop, as fans didn't comment about him looking old or haggard at all during his many events and appearances when he was filming. 

See Lee Min Ho in the action romance City Hunter:

Here is a photo from his RE:Minho Tour last year. Maybe he was already on the way to recovery, as he looked really nice here:

Here is one of his most recent photos taken when he appeared at a Gangnam 1970 event in Korea.

Doesn't he look handsome all over?

Although it's awesome to see him transform from flower boy to handsome manly man, the potential health issue is more serious. However, he must have improved his health care, as lately he's looking quite youthful, lean, and energetic as he makes the promotional rounds.

I'm sure Lee Min Ho's fans (myself included) don't really care how soft his face feels (a lie!), as we only care about his health. I bet many fans will even find the new manly look and feel very, very irresistibly attractive.

~ NancyZdramaland

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