Lee Min Ho will fulfill his mandatory military service in 2017, but the precise date is still undetermined, confirmed his agency, MYM Entertainment.

On early morning of January 31, reports were released claiming the actor was going to enlist as soon as March or April, according to an inside source. However, the rumors were quickly cleared up by his agency as false: “Lee Min Ho has not received any information about the exact date of his enlistment. He has not even received his notice of admission.”

For now, what has been confirmed is the actor will serve out his military duty in a non-combat position as a public service officer, due to his previous history of injuries. In 2006, both he and actor Jung Il Woo suffered serious injuries caused from a fatal car accident, one that required Lee to have metal screws be inserted into his leg. While the screws were later removed, as it was hindering his movements when shooting action scenes, in 2011, he survived another serious car accident on the set of City Hunter.

The buzz created from the recent stories of his enlistment date is yet another reminder of the void the high-profile actor will leave when the day does come. But before the eventual day, Lee is currently in preparation for two fan meetings in Seoul, set to take place on February 18 and 19.

The actor’s time to report for duty is quickly approaching! What will you watch while he is away on military duty?

Photo cr: MYM Entertainment

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