When she was asked about Lee Min Ho in a recent interview, Gu Hye Sun said that she has not kept up with other actors from Boys Over Flowers. How could that be? This is sad news for all the MinSun shippers out there. But, cheer up, we have 3 delightful fan-made videos that creatively merge the two distant stars into one shining romance. Enjoy with a cup of Lee Min Ho's favorite coffee, tea, or chocolate dessert!  (There is also a bonus video set to a new song for you.)

First of all, here's where Gu Hye Sun explained how she lost contact with her Boys Over Flowers co-stars. It's from time mark 07:58 to 08:55. On the other hand, she didn't directly say she lost contact with Lee Min Ho. Depending on how you interpret her response, her answer could be considered inconclusive. The reporter pointedly asked about Lee Min Ho, but Gu Hye Sun answered in an indirect way. Take a look and see for yourself:

But let's wipe away our tearful disappointment because we can embark on a journey of everlasting love thanks to fans who adore the MinSun couple and have creatively merged the two actors' recent works into seamless and fascinating videos. We found three videos here, with a bonus that came up at the last moment as a special treat for you.

1. LMH and GHS thinking of each other over the distance with coffee, tea, and smiles:

2. Made in the style of a movie trailer, this video gives the vibe of a film imagined with a rugged character fearlessly protecting his one true love.

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3. Set to the song of Like A Star, this video crafts a new story out of 2 other romantic dramas to show a couple's separation and reunion. 

4. BONUS Video: This is a wonderfully soothing video set to 'Paradise in Love' sung by Lee Min Ho.

Which video is your favorite? Have you figured out the many dramas, commercials, and other appearances these excellent fan-made videos must have used as sources? They are clearly works of artistic talent and pure love.   

If it is true that Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun have not kept in touch, here's a distant shout-out to them:  Don't you have smartphones? 

(Video credit: Hannah Angie and Min Young Lee)