Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun are certified Hallyu stars. The Heirs and My Love from Another Star actors are being recognized for their great contributions in promoting South Korean entertainment abroad. The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism announced to the media today that Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun had been honored with the Prime Minister Award from the 2014 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards.

The talented and handsome stars are among eight people in entertainment receiving the award. The following public figures in entertainment are scheduled to receive a coveted Prime Minister Award during the ceremony on November 17:  Jun Gook Hwan, singer Jin Mi, drama writer Park Ji Eun, comedian Shin Dong Yeop, producer Jung Dae Kyung, and producer Na Young Seok.

The Korean Popular Culture Awards strives to recognize those who enhanced South Korean pop culture and the arts. It is a government rewards program that aims to elevate the status of popular culture artists and continue to encourage them in their work. 

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Voting for the awards was tallied based on the number of years dedicated to Hallyu achievements throughout Asia and contribution to the industry and society.

In April, Lee Min Ho's accomplishments were also acknowledged during the third conference of the Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment. “The Hallyu wave began in Japan with Winter Sonata. It has now reached Pan-Asiatic regions and Chinese markets," an affiliate of the conference said. "Lee Min Ho, who is in the center of the new Hallyu wave, represents and symbolizes the entertainment industry.” In October, Kim Soo Hyun was named an honorary ambassador of Seoul for his accomplishments. 

Congratulations to both actors on this award!