Could they be South Korea's version of Jay-Z and Beyonce?

Lee Min Ho and Suzy are at the top of their game in acting and landing lucrative endorsement deals. Lee is expected to be worth $20 million thanks to his global popularity as an Hallyu star. In China alone, the Gangnam Blues actor receives double or triple the pay he would have in his home country. He can make around $3 million annually just modeling apparel, accessories, and jewelry. 

Suzy has excelled in K-pop with her chart-topping girl group Miss A, in addition to being an in-demand actress and model. Her nickname is the 10 billion won girl (around $10 million), and she is literally the face of JYP Entertainment. Next to Olympic gold medalist figure skater Kim Yu Na, Suzy Bae is a top star in the entertainment industry with her 30 advertisements and counting since her debut in 2010. The Dream High star has kept herself extremely busy, and she has even modeled for numerous name brands since 2013.

Their popularity actually soared with the recent announcement of their relationship. Lee Min Ho was promoted to be the face of LG Electronics in China, and one of Suzy's advertisement agents actually said business improved since they became an item.

"People don't really care about scandals. They support the artists instead and are very optimistic about it. Even the stars don't deny it and are honest about it," advertisement agent Yoon Seol Hee said. 

In the past, some celebrities had a clause in their contracts that penalized them with a fine if they were caught dating another star. Lee and Suzy have surprisingly been accepted by their fans and employers alike.

In my opinion, their combined popularity could propel them into business together. So many celebrity couples in the US collaborate in music and movies. Jay -Z and Beyonce are powerhouses in the music industry, while Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos produce their own TV programs through their company Milojo.

 Can you imagine how amazing a Lee and Bae film production company could be? 

You can see Lee Min Ho this weekend in his movie Gangnam BluesGangnam Blues is intended for mature audiences, and it contains adult content, drug use, graphic violence, nudity, profanity and strong sexual content.

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