When the news about Lee Min Ho and Suzy dating exploded, Chinese fashion blogger Gogoboi started to comment on their couple outfit. For the adorable two, which couple outfit is your favorite?







Lee Min Ho has spoken about marriage on March 24th, "If I get married in the future, I want to have a friend-like relationship with my spouse," said Lee Min Ho. "It would be best if we can communicate often." Now that he is dating Suzy, his words may be even more closely examined. And miss A member Suzy Bae has — over the past few years — also made some comments on marriage. In 2013 when she appeared on the SBS program Good Morning, she was only 18. "I want to get married quickly, with someone who is around my age and could go on trips and talk with me like a friend," she said.

Friendship sounds like a solid foundation of marriage for those two. Best wishes for the couple LoL.

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