As soon as Lee Min Ho and Suzy's breakup news showed up, the internet lit up like wildfire around the globe. I don't know if you felt happy or bad for the news that the Asian perfect man might be available again, but the shocking news was definitely something that could wake up fans in the middle of the night to pay attention. Please stay calm; we have the updates for you.

Ever since the two adorable Hallyu stars went public with their relationship on March 23 after their secret rendezvous was revealed by Korean paparazzi in London, fans pay attention whenever the two stars are mentioned. Alas, we hardly ever see them together.

Of course Suzy has her own busy life as a singer in the popular K-pop girls' group Miss A with a flourishing career in modeling and acting too. She recently appeared as a Roman goddess in an Elle magazine special

Ah, Rome, that city that's steeped in history and passion!

Just this weekend, when Lee Min Ho posted his adorable photos in Rome to his Instagram, the first thought that came to my mind was, "Where is Suzy?" 

So when the news crossed my eyes that the two stars broke up, it was an impact that woke me up from an evening slumber. Lo and behold, the internet was full of repeated news and frenzied speculations.

The stunning news quoted someone from a major broadcasting company saying, "Lee Minho and Suzy have broken up. They have both decided to continue their relationship solely as colleagues. Due to their busy, conflicting schedules, the two were unable to meet and slowly drifted apart."

Even their agents said they had no idea because the next news was about their promising to find out the truth with their stars. (I hope these agents have a global phone with speed dials to their number one stars.)

Finally, a few hours later, this news arrived about what the agencies found out.

Lee Min Ho's agency said, "It is not true that they have broken up." Suzy's agency JYP Entertainment said, We checked with Suzy and she said they are still dating and have no troubles.

Whew, we can all sigh a great relief.

In the meantime, Lee Min Ho has returned to Korea after his Roman holidays. Will he hurry to Suzy?

If you were lucky enough to have been insulated from the intruding rumors, you can go back to watch K-dramas or stay busy with school or work.

If you're one of those fans whose life was interrupted by the rumors, take a stroll outside to bathe in the warm sunshine and breathe in fresh air. The world is safe as two Hallyu superstars are still shining brightly together.

Me, I'm counting the days for Lee Min Ho's new movie Bounty Hunters. Also, when will my perfect man come back to K-drama land?

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