Although Korean actor Lee Min Ho's historical romance drama Faith was released in 2012, a lawsuit stemming from related copyright violations has just received a favorable decision for the Hallyu star on June 27. Find out more.

On June 27, Lee Min Ho's agency said, “The lawsuit on compensation for damages of publicity rights was partially won at the trial today.” The agency referred to the awarded amount as "partial" because the lawsuit originally asked for 200 million won.

The lawsuit originally started when several cosmetic companies used Lee Min Ho's name and image from the Faith drama to sell facial masks without the actor's consent. The companies have been ordered to stop producing and selling those products. The first trial resulted in 20 million won in favor of Lee Min Ho in 2015. The second trial, in the appeals court, has resulted in an additional 80 million won for damages. In total, Lee Min Ho's side won 100 million won, which is almost USD 88,000.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is serving in civil duty to fulfill his required two-year military service, and he's been besieged by fans who wait to get a glimpse of the star for photo-ops.

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