Lee Min Ho is the highest-ranking Korean star on Weibo, the most popular and influential social media platform in China. He recently surpassed Psy for the top honor. Yesterday, he reached 25 million followers! Take a look at where he and other top Korean stars are on Weibo now. 

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Right this moment, Lee Min Ho has 25,018,178 followers, and the number continues to rise quickly. Yesterday, overjoyed Minoz fans started noticing and cheering that he reached 25 million followers, a significant milestone since he "only" had 15 million followers last year.

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Popular singer-actor Jung Yong Hwa, leader Kpop idol group CNBLUE, currenty has over 707,000 followers, not even one million yet, but he only just opened his Weibo account less than a month ago, and he recently ranked #1 on the Gaon Weibo Chart, which measures multiple factors of fan engagement. Where will he be a year from now? Will he catch up to Lee Min Ho?

By the way, anyone can open a Weibo account. Weibo is China's leading social media platform, but you don't have to be Chinese or live in China to open an account.

Congratulations, Lee Min Ho, for your new achievement and many more!