Lee Min Ho demonstrated his superstar power yesterday, February 24, in the Philippines. He's so popular there that people commented that the day Lee Min Ho visits should be designated a national holiday because he causes enormous traffic jams. Starhaus Entertainment reported his visit and released photos of his fan meeting.

(Cover image cr: @verjube) 

He held the event at Kyochon chicken because he is the brand's main model. Over 10,000 fans gathered in Green Hills Center in Manila, so police were called in to escort him. He first gained popularity in the Philippines because of Boys Over Flowers. Many fans in the Philippines were introduced to Korean media through Lee Min Ho's dramas and movies. The Philippines Press claims that Lee Min Ho's popularity is due to "his unchanging manners for many years despite being on top." They added, “We learn the Korean language, food, fashion and culture through Lee Min Ho’s dramas.” Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “Although people from various nationalities gather each time, they speak to Lee Min Ho in Korean in order to express their affection. We’re just shocked at how their Korean gets better each year.”

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Lee Min Ho revealed that his new movie Gangnam Blues will premiere in the Philippines on March 4thGangnam Blues will also be playing here on DramaFever. Sign up for the release alert HERE!