As Heirs comes to a close, the cast was asked what their favorite scenes to film were, and their answers may surprise you...

1. Favorite scenes selected by Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho selected the scene where Tan finally reveals his birth mother, Ki Ae, and his real status as an illegitimate son to Rachel and Rachel’s mother in front of his parents while holding onto Ki Ae’s hand. He did it for his mother, who lived under a shadow, but also to break up his engagement with Rachel in order to be with Eun Sang. Kim Tan' impressive bravery in this scene made us laugh and cry. About this scene, Lee Min Ho said, “When I held the script of episode 12, my heart palpitated. I couldn’t erase the sadness throughout the shooting because my heart ached when thinking of Tan’s emotions and the circumstances he would go through. I can’t forget this scene now or forever."

"I am the second son of the chairman of Jeguk Group and an illegitimate son."

His second favorite scene was when Tan and Young Do had a fist fight on the street in episode 17. Lee Min Ho said, “That scene showed how Tan’s feelings had fallen down to a bottomless sorrow. It was hard to shoot the scene with staff until dawn, but now it is a scene I'll always remember."

"I am not going anywhere. You can have her."

Lee Min Ho pumped all his energy into Heirs, and showed his love for the drama by saying that he will do his best until the very end. When it's over, he will be sorry and feel empty.

2. Favorite scenes selected by Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye selected the scenes where Eun Sang was with her mom, Hee Nam. She explained that soon after she read the part of the script where Eun Sang prepared to leave her mother and Tan, the tears came down. The scenes in which Eun Sang found her mother's notes of her conversations with her employer before she left to the U.S, and the scene where she cried a lot in Hee Nam’s arms after she came back to Korea, apologizing to her mother for leaving her alone, were the ones that touched Park Shin Hye the most.

"I am sorry mom. I will become successful and come back. Just wait for me."

Her second favorite scene was the scene where Eun Sang threw down Tan's arms while he was hugging her and saying that he couldn’t let her go. This was an extremely emotional scene to film, and Park Shin Hye was really affected by it.

"Don't talk to me, don't come, don't..."

3. Favorite scene selected by Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin is totally the scene stealer of Heirs. He plays Young Do, who is both a devil, Eun Sang's knight, and finally Tan's friend. After the story portrayed how emotionally damaged Young Do was, viewers could understand why he was so twisted and started to wish him happiness. Kim Woo Bin chose the scene where Young Do was eating a meal made for him by Eun Sang’s mother. There weren’t many lines exchanged between Young Do and Hee Nam, but eating a mother’s meal was the most touching moment of Young Do’s many scenes. Kim Woo Bin said, “It was a moment that showed Young Do’s hurt and pain in a roundabout way.”

"It's delicious."

4. Favorite Scene selected by Kim Ji Won

Kim Jin Won, who plays the snobby heir, Rachel, perfectly, remembers the first scene in which Eun Sang and Rachel met in front of the airport. Rachel spoke to Eun Sang in Japanese in order to get Eun Sang’s apology for eavesdropping and laughing. To her, Rachel’s inexorable personality in this scene was impressive.

"Excuse me, did you just laugh at me? Why did you smirk at me?"

5. Favorite scene selected by Jung Soo Jung

Jung Soo Jung, who plays the cute girl, Bo Na, didn’t choose a scene that she was in. She selected the scene where Young Do went and found Tan to bring him to his mother, Ki Ae. When Tan’s mother left the house and looked for him in front of Jeguk High School, it reminded Young Do that he lost the last chance to meet his mother because of hatred against Tan. Young Do didn't want Tan to make the same mistake so he decided to help him. Soo Jung explained, “I liked to watch and feel Young Do’s warm heart that was opposite to his cold appearance.”

"Stay in here no matter what."

"Your mother is waiting for you right now. Go! Go now!"

6. Favorite scene selected by Kang Min Hyuk

Kang Min Hyuk, who played the perfect boyfriend, Chan Young, to Bo Na, mentioned that his favorite scene was when Bo Na ran away from Chan Young after mistakenly broadcasting her love for him to the whole school. He said, "As Chan Young, there were many enjoyable moments while shooting love scenes with Bo Na. I even laughed when I watched those scenes on TV. I can’t forget them.”

"I’m suffocating! He is my oxygen. I can’t breathe without him!"

7. Favorite scene selected by Park Hyung Sik

Jo Myung Soo, who made us laugh all throughout Heirs, has many nicknames due to his funny gestures and personality. Park Hyung Sik gave his thanks to the writer and director who helped Myung Soo get all those nicknames. He selected his first scene where he's hanging out with Young Do and gives his famous line ‘Dae het!’ as his favorite scene from Heirs. This scene really set up his character as the cute comedic relief for the rest of the drama.

"But I like you, Dae-het!"

In my heart, there are many scenes from Heirs that made me laugh and cry, especially when Eun Sang and her mother were interacting. Then the tears usually came out! Heirs is the love story between high school students, but I usually focus on relationships between the parents and the heirs. Eun Sang and Hee Nam, Tan and Ki Ae, Young Do and his father, Rachel and Esther, Chan Young and secretary Yoon. How can I forget these characters? I'm sure you guys also have your own favorite scenes from Heirs that will remain in your hearts.

Which was your favorite? Comment below!