Lee Min Ho has confirmed that he will be starring in Korean director Yoo Ha’s next film, Gangnam Blues (Land gate, Gangnam 1970). He will be earnestly expanding his career on the big screen with this action film noir.

Gangnam Blue is set in Seoul's Gangnam district in the 1970s. The story revolves around the political authorities and dark societal forces who conspired together while Gangnam was beginning to develop into the richest area of Seoul. Lee Min Ho will be playing the main character who suffers a tragic fate. Many fans look forward to watching him act out such a dramatic role that's full of hardships.

It seems that being cast as a lead character of Yoo Ha’s film is an unmissable opportunity for Lee Min Ho, who starred in two films in 2008, but whose career in the world of cinema has yet to be proven. Director Yoo Ha has previously helped Kwon Sang Woo and Jo In Sung jump to stardom in the Korean film industry when they were still new faces.

Director Yoo Ha revealed that although many other actors showed interest in this film, he had Lee Min Ho in his mind for a long time while drawing up the project. He said, “I anticipate that Lee Min Ho will have a synergistic effect. He is an actor who has many charms and individuality with his charisma and handsome appearance."

Lee Min Ho will begin filming this drama in March 2014, and Gangnam Blues will be released in late 2014. Let's hope Lee Min Ho lands his breakout role as a movie star in this film!