Lee Min Ho was happily welcomed by 10,000 fans at his talk concert held in Yokohama on January 25. Behind the comfortable setting on stage, you probably didn't know how busy the Hallyu star was. He was so busy that he even chowed down takeout food while answering interview questions at the same time. Will the multitasking star ever get a chance to rest? Let's watch the revealing video.

The video is subbed in Japanese and Chinese, and I'll translate from Chinese to English here. Hopefully we won't miss much along the linguistic grapevine. 

The video looks fan-made and at times shaky. It could have been filmed on someone's phone. You'll see Lee Min Ho trying to eat fast and also answer questions at the same time. He also kept an eye on his cell phone.

It starts with the casually dressed Lee Min Ho checking out containers of his takeout food:

00:06 LMH: Where do I put the plastic bags? Should stay organized. (Apparently he didn't get a good answer and set the bags aside.)

00:13 LMH: Takeout food or box lunch is what I usually eat when filming or working in the studio. After the new year began, I've really been missing my mom's cooking.

00:23 Q: Please tell us what you're having.

00:26 LMH laughed and said, "Why are you asking me? Did I cook this?" 

00:32 Q: Is the chicken spicy?

00:33 LMH: Yes, spicy.

00:35 LMH proceeded to introduce his menu: "Salmon, LA Galbi (ribs), mixed veggies. Not sure about this one."

00:50 Q: What type of box lunch do you like usually?

00:53 LMH: I like whatever that tastes good. Same as what elementary students like, anything sweet and spicy.

01:02 Q: What did you like to eat when you were young?

01:05 LMH: I liked meat and meat cooked with chili peppers, because it was the most tasty dish that my mom cooked. I still like it now. My mom's cooking is great. Whatever she cooks, I can always eat well (or finish all of it.)

01:28 Q: Anything that you can eat now but couldn't eat when you were young?

01:32 LMH: Nothing different. I couldn't and still can't eat cucumbers. I would throw up when I ate cucumbers. I still would (throw up) now.  

01:42 Q: Which Korean dishes are your favorite?

01:44 LMH: I have to eat Korean food. If I can only eat one meal a day, I'd eat Korean.  (He didn't directly answer the question in the video.)

(He continues to eat, and the video plays fast music to follow the quick pace.)

01:57 LMH finally seems to have finished eating. He sits back, chewing on his last bite, and his hand quickly fluffed out his hair as if to let the spicy heat escape.

01:58 LMH: I'm full. (He applauded himself for finishing eating.)

02:01 LMH: I deliberately left some food so that I can eat again later. (After the show? You poor thing!)

02:07 LMH: No, actually, I'm on a diet.

(Someone attempts to hand him something...)

02:10 LMH: Aigoo, not that!  (The snack attack fails.)

Were you surprised about his aversion to cucumbers?

Sometimes a simple video can turn out to be very revealing. I truly would have envisioned Lee Min Ho relaxing in a personal lounge with a nice spread of gourmet foods to eat at his leisure. Nope! One of the most admired Hallyu stars was simply munching takeout food straight from the containers. 

Although the interviewer intruded on our star's precious lunchtime, it is interesting to see how Lee Min Ho was practically multitasking every available moment.

Will someone make sure he gets mom's home cooking regularly?

~ NancyZdramaland

(Talk Concert image credit: Euphora)



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