Following Lee Min Ho's enlistment confirmation, the star sat down with @star1 magazine to discuss his thoughts on entering the military.

During the interview, Lee Min Ho was asked about his feelings towards his impending enlistment, to which he responded, “I thought I was going to be totally cool with it. But there is much that I regret.” He elaborated, “It’s not the fact that I have to enlist, but that I have reached the end of my twenties, which is passing before my very eyes. Now that my thirties are approaching, I find things I could’ve done better (in terms of projects) and am filled with sadness because I am now older.”

However, the actor also expressed the positives of enlisting at such a late age by stating, “If I had gone into the military earlier, I wouldn’t have been casted in Boys Over Flowers and had never truly enjoyed my twenties. I personally feel that I made the right choice not to go earlier, because I was lucky enough to receive a lot of love and support overseas. I was happy to contribute to hallyu (the Korean Wave) in my own way.”

To conclude the interview, Lee Min Ho was asked how he was going to challenge himself as a soldier. He cheerfully replied, “Having a routine is going to be a challenge in itself”.

Lee Min Ho will depart for the Seoul Gangnam District Office on May 12 to begin his service as a public service worker. Understanding how his fans may feel he stated, “I feel the fans’ sadness and support. I hope to come back to them healthy and heal their hearts with a great project.

We too hope he completes his enlistment in full health and cannot wait to see his next amazing drama following his return.

How do you feel about Lee Min Ho's impending enlistment? Have any well wishes you want to send him? Let us know in the comments below!


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