Lee Min Ho recently attended Tenwow Tea's promotional event on October 21. An unusual tidbit came out when he was asked if there was anything interesting when filming the commercial. Lee Min Ho replied that he had to go to the restroom frequently because he drank too much. Say what? The interviewer was really surprised. She had to ask more about it.

The surprised interviewer kept asking, "How many bottles did you drink? Two? Three?" Lee Min Ho at first said two, but then said he couldn't remember. She explained that she was surprised because most actors would have pretended drinking the beverage or spit it out immediately after filming, so she complimented Lee Min Ho on his professionalism for drinking it for real. Lee Min Ho replied that he really drank it.

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Well, since Oppa put full effort into making the commercials, let's enjoy his Tenwow Tea commercial.

In the first video, Lee Min Ho is praising the benefits that Tenwow's Honey Pomelo drink brings to your health and beauty.  

The video begins with "Lee Min Ho's Beauty Classroom":

Tip #1; Listen to (him saying) "I love you" every day.

Tip #2: Cry less and sweat more.

Tip #3: Learn something new every day.

Then he says in Chinese, "Jian Kang (Health), Mei Li (Beauty), what's to drink?"

Answer: "Honey Pomelo Tea" because honey brings you health and pomelo brings you beauty, according to the commercial.

Here's the short version:

Sounds great! Now where can I get some of this tea?