Lee Min Ho performed to 7,000 of his fans on October 26 in his RE: MINHO concert in Guangzhou, China. During the concert, he asked his fans for a suggestion of what to eat. The fans recommended a classic Cantonese dish called "Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef," or Beef Chow Fun. Later Lee Min Ho posted a photo of him eating the rice noodles at his Weibo account, and it immediately resonated with his fans because Lee has really established a sincere relationship with his fans for keeping promises.

In case you are feeling the hunger pangs when you see Lee Min Ho's photo, you can order the same dish from a Chinese restaurant or make it yourself. Here's an English-subbed video showing a Cantonese-speaking chef making the famous "Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef." 

Press the <CC> control to get the subs if thy are not displaying.

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Now, what I like to do when I am eating by myself is to watch a great drama, but today I'd like to view some of Lee Min Ho's adorable photos from his Guangzhou trip, taken by his avid fans. 

I suppose the only thing better would be if I could go to his concert in person. 

 (photo credit as tagged via soompi)